Monday, September 29, 2008

Introducing yourself

A friend of mine found he was introducing himself poorly when he started his startup. I twittered about it, but after three message updates decided it was worthy of a blog post.

I did some online research (read Googled) on what the "repeater machines" (learning how to be human beings/business people/coaches/FOM--my acronym for Fad of the Month), were saying about the proper way of doing so.

First hit in Google seemed to be built right for my friend, I never read past the first paragraph though.

The search was worth it though, as pretty soon I came across some very funny links:
Bad ways to introduce yourself to women
Introducing yourself to large-breasted women

How do you introduce yourselves?

My friend originally started with: "ahh, I program, err.. I have this startup but I can't tell you about it". He will soon find his way, what is yours?

Me? I often skip introductions all-together.

"Introducing yourself" is not to be confused with the important 30-seconds/200 words "elevator pitches", which are good not just for new ventures but to get your point across--something I still struggle with daily being naturally inclined to brain-storm my way across the world.

Gadi Evron,

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JEK said...

Well, nicely designed card works for me. Since the introduction comes AFTER some small-talk, you can do the "that's me, by the way"' and handle a card. By doing so you shift the attention to yourself, so you can either move to the "elevator pitch" for new project or assert your authority if you're senior in the field.
Drawing a card will make other card-holders to draw their, but since you made your turn first, you'll hold the advantage of inspecting the card you recive and thinking of question while you speak about yourself. Or switching and asking about the card you recieved in order to get out of introduction (if unwanted issues are rased).
So cards are my way
Shana Tova!!!
J. Krovitsky