Thursday, September 25, 2008

Internet Vigilantism

The good people at Renesys wrote a blog about what they call "Internet Vigilantism".

While I feel I can not yet fully comment on the whole Atrivo / Intercage depeering movement, there is an underlying strategy to consider. I will comment at a later date.

The blog above asks:

While I'm not a big fan of cyber-crime or the providers who knowingly host these activities, I can't help but wonder where law enforcement is in this story. We still have laws, right? There is a lot of questionable activity and content on the Internet that is thriving and has no shortage of suitors. Even the most cursory look of of what passes for "content" should convince anyone that it's pretty hard to get thrown off the Internet — it just doesn't happen. But since it just did, I have no trouble believing that Atrivo had it coming. It's tough to piss off the entire world, especially when you have the money to pay them off. I only wonder why the cops didn't get there first [...]
My response is, 'okay', but please don't call it Vigilantism.

There is a difference between Vigilantism as it is perceived today and Vigilantism as it is in the dictionary. It means neighborhood watch.

When the Police is not around, that is something you need. "It's for the children".

Gadi Evron,

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