Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bill Brenner Joe Jobbed by a Facebook App

My friend Bill Brenner, editor of CSO Magazine, just warned friends in his Facebook status message that someone may be trying to get them to add an application to their wall by using his name.

Bill Brenner: Some cyber-dope is apparently trying to use my name to infect your machine with the message "Bill Brenner has posted something on your wall." Do not click on it. It's a trick. Repeat: If you get a bunch of messages from me saying I posted something called "news feed" on your wall, do not allow the app access.

I don't know if this is targeted against Bill (if so, congratulations Bill! Your made it!) or if a malicious app is using names of friends to get people to add it. But this is certainly an interesting development.

Bill, stay strong and ignore. I passed it over to Facebook security. And people, remember to be careful of what you click on!

This is why I like Bill, he immediately warned everybody.

Gadi Evron,

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Curtman said...

I also got one two of these from my wife's account just now. She definitely did not send anything, and I'm not going to allow them access.