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My Recent Posts on Dark Reading - April 2009

As I mentioned before, I blog on Dark Reading.

Here are more of my posts from this past month:

Social Networks Blurring The Line Into Citizen Journalism
In 2006, Israel sent forces into Southern Lebanon during what is now known as the 2006 Lebanon War. Israel had security concerns about missiles harming its civilian population, but what it didn't bargain for was military citizen journalism.

Think, for a moment, about the potential chaos of such live war reporting: SMS messages from soldiers up front telling of deaths before families can be notified, or live videos of bloody battles recorded from cell phones and sent to the press.
Conficker's Real Threat
Conficker is a real problem, but the world won't end on April Fool's Day. Here's why.
I love predicting the future and being right. I am proud for not jumping into the Conficker FUD circus.

SCADA Security: What SCADA Security?
SCADA, the control systems for such infrastructure services as water and energy, has us worried whenever critical infrastructure defense is mentioned. Why, then, is it the most insecure industry on the planet?
I published that a day before the WSJ published their hyped story on SCADA spies. I was a good and timely reference. Nice timing!

I'm Interested, But In You
Social engineering is a disturbing aspect of overall security threat analysis because it is the human element that is least in our control. Security and psychology -- once again -- go hand in hand.

Roughly two years ago I wrote about a personal experience that exemplifies how salespeople can try to manipulate you using body language, bringing us to a subject close to hackers' hearts: social engineering.
Analyzing Security Psychology
The integration of psychology into the security strategic-thinking process is critical for the advancement of information security. The human element influences all security controls because all of these controls seek to regulate human behavior.
Gadi Evron,

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