Friday, March 20, 2009

My Blog on Dark Reading

I recently started blogging for Dark Reading, I will still be blogging here, but what I write there is for Dark Reading alone.

I noticed that because I didn't write for a while, my writing became rather poor (in my taste). I constantly move between between official and personal language, and find it more difficult to write short, and to the point. But I'm getting there.

So far I posted two blogs:
German Intelligence Caught Red-Handed In Computer Spying, Analysis
According to German Web site Der Spiegel, the German foreign intelligence agency BND has supposedly been spying on computer systems around the world in the past couple of years.

Everyone does it. Why not governments?

Authoritatively, Who Was Behind The Estonian Attacks?
In the past couple of weeks the press has been humoring a couple of rumors about who was behind the 2007 cyberattacks against Estonia [PDF]. During these attacks, Estonia's infrastructure, which relies heavily on the Internet, nearly collapsed.

This is not the first time such baseless attributions were made.

I was in Estonia when the attacks occurred. I wrote the post-mortem analysis and recommendations for the Estonian CERT, and I am going to authoritatively show you why these claims are baseless. I will list these accusations and responsibility claims, and show you why they should be ridiculed.
Gadi Evron,

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