Monday, February 08, 2010

Security PR: Article Series

In a five-part article series on Dark Reading, I explored how tech and security companies can be more successful with PR, and build their brand by discovering the wealth of resources they already have.

Many companies I contract with ask me one of the following questions: What is a good PR strategy for releasing a security vulnerability? What if we have nothing to say to reporters? Many people speak of social networking, what's real? How do we get our name out there?

A previous series on articles I wrote was on Lessons I Learned from Cybercrime.

I started this series on PR almost by accident, when discussing why some security blogs are more successful than others, and continued with articles trying to answer some of the other questions.

The Secret Sauce For Security Blogging
About how some security blogs manage to engage their audience better than others and make their readers feel more in touch with what's happening -- on top of earning credibility.
Security PR: How To Talk To Reporters
Here are some tips for security professionals and security public relations representatives on how to pitch reporters when you have something new and exciting to share.
Security PR: How To Disclose A Vulnerability
When your team discovers a new security vulnerability in a third-party product, there are ways to handle it correctly to achieve maximum visibility.
We Have Nothing To Say -- Or Do We?
The first rule of appearing smart, they say, is to keep quiet, but keeping quiet doesn't help your PR. What are you to do?
'Brand' Your Employees
You might want your product to be in the news every day, and for your PR to create miracles for you. But if you want attention, then your company must speak out on big security issues and news. But there are challenges, and your employees may be the answer.
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