Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Announcement: Critical Internet Infrastructure WG is now open to public participation

ISOTF Critical Internet Infrastructure WG is now open to public participation.

The group holds top experts on internet technology, critical infrastructure, and internet governance, from around the globe.

Together, we discuss definitions, problems, challenges and solutions in securing and assuring the reliability of the global internet infrastructure, which is critical infrastructure for a growing number of nations, corporations and indeed, individuals -- world wide.

The group started as a closed and private forum, to discuss technical and operational risks, as other venues limited discussion of critical internet resources to politically charged subjects such ascontrol of ICANN and ARIN, thus overshadowing other important aspects.

As of November 18th 2009, the list is open for public access, to advance public awareness of the issues, and bring new talent on board.

The group is hosted by the ISOTF, but is governed by members.

Note: SCADA, network operations, and other related issues should be discussed in the appropriate forums, elsewhere. This group deals with the internet.

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Gadi Evron for ISOTF-CII-WG.

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