Friday, October 30, 2009

Cyber War and Cyber Deterrence

A few days ago a Google Alert on my name let me know that I was referenced in a paper from RAND. I have high appreciation for RAND's work, so naturally I went to look.

The work by one Martin Libicki discusses cyber war and cyber deterrence. He is against the silly notion, much like I am.

I've grown so tired of repeating "these discussions the past two years in US defense circles are just ... stupid." I am happy that someone else, as articulate as Libicki, joined our side of the debate. Just because US experts are so used to deterrence as a strategy after 70 years, does not mean it fits the bill with the Internet. In fact, it is extreme folly.

I don't agree with everything Libicki says, but I do agree with him on this matter.

Unlike many, I believe offensive capabilities are critical for any nation nowadays, but that thinking it would assist in defense is delusional.

Libicki's actual RAND paper can be found here:

Maybe now I can finally write a paper I want to write, on when deterrence actually does work on the Internet. There are cases where it does, but raising these before now would have muddied the water.

I also plan to be more vocal in the debate in the coming months, and pull out of the drawer some articles I wrote on the subject, for when it warms up and they can make a difference.

Gadi Evron,

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