Tuesday, November 18, 2008

BNP (British National Party) membership (supposedly) has been leaked

By tomorrow morning the web will be full of rumors that the membership list for the BNP (British National Party) has been leaked. I can not verify the list is true, but I can verify it is out there.

This was "spammed" earlier today on the criticalsecurity.net IRC server and channel:

burn, f-er (censored by blog admin:)
Shortly later it was seen on the infamous /b/. An extremely popular image board, usually full of pornographic content. One of the more hellish areas of the web.

Obviously this content is being actively pushed on the net, and we have seen what happens when content is attempted to be censored on the Internet (a lot of lawyers waste a lot of time).

If this will prove to be true, this is yet another example of how your information is pretty much everywhere, any any one of these many places can get hacked.

This happens on occasion even with the most serious security measures put in place, so what of most of these organizations with your information, of which security is not up to scratch?

The blog holding the information and being pushed on the web is: http://bnpmemberslist.blogspot.com/

Another URL is of an SQL database holding the data, but I feel mentioning it here is effectively sending the data across on my own, which is less than ethical.

Gadi Evron,

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sas01 said...

Coming from CS (Critical Security) I have been watching the progression of this story with keen interest.

I has now hit most major news sites after being submitted to the BBC and I would imagine will remain a talking point for the next few days.

What will really be important is the political and social ramifications of this leak of data. Did the perpetrator consider the potential danger of his or her actions? I lack sympathy for the BNP but I think that individuals must still think through their actions very carefully.

It seems that the internet is no longer a place where you can commit actions without a knock-on effect in the real world.

Michael said...

blog spot have taken it down, you can find it here again http://www.bnpmemberslist.co.uk